Pinsider Altan posted an amazingly thorough review based on his experience with LED OCD including slow motion video of LEDs in his Twilight Zone with/without LED OCD installed. Altan also has a website at with lots of cool pinball related stuff.

Altan's Informal Review of LED OCD.

Here's a slow motion video featured in Altan's review. The GUM, BALL, LOCK 2, and bottom pop bumper have LEDs.

Buffalo Pinball installed an LED OCD in a Tron during a live stream.

This video is a side-by-side comparison of the same machine with the same LEDs before and after adding LED OCD. The most noticable difference starts at 0:30.

Another before and after video, but this time it's a video created by a customer, using his machine. Thanks Austin.

I created this video early on during the design of LED OCD.

A video that attempts to give you an idea of how you can use LED OCD to smooth out effects like the progressive dimming on Spider-Man.